Mary Ellen School of Dance

Offering The Best Dance Education in Ocala, Florida for 39 years!

Teens (Ages10-14)

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Beginner Level- No experience

 Intermediate Level - 1-2 years experience in the particular genre 

 Advanced Level - 3+ years experience in the particular genre/teacher recommendation


4:30-5:30  Teen/Sr Int/Adv Contemporary- Leah

4:45-5:30  Jr/Teen Int Ballet- Kassie (CLOSED)

5:30-6:15  Teen/Sr Adv Hip Hop- Maycee

5:30-6:30  Musical Theater- Leah

6:15-7:00  Jr/Teen/Sr Beg/Int Ballet- Kassie (CLOSED)

6:15-7:00  Jr/Teen Beg/Int Tap- Alison

6:30-7:30  Teen/Sr Adv Lyrical- Leah

7:30-8:30  Teen/Sr Adv Ballet/Pointe- Leah


4:00-5:00  Int/Adv Silks/Lyra- Leah 

5:00-6:00  Beg/Int Silks/Lyra- Leah

6:00-7:00 Teen/Sr Adv Contemporary- Leah


4:00-4:45  Jr/Teen Int Lyrical- Lisa

4:45-5:30  Jr/Teen Hip Hop- Dara (CLOSED)

6:15-7:00  Teen/Sr Beg/Int Hip Hop - Dara

4:45-5:30  Teen Beg/Int Acrobatics- Vanessa


5:00-5:45  Adv Teen/Sr Tap-Alison 

5:45-6:30  Teen/Sr Int/Adv Jazz- Lisa W       

6:30-7:15  Teen/Sr Int/Adv Lyrical- Lisa W 

 7:15-8:00  Teen/Sr  Wild Card- Maycee