Premier Dance of Ocala

formerly known of Mary Ellen School of Dance

                    JUNIORS  (Ages 6-9 ) 

photo courtesy of  Lynn S.

Beginner Level- No Experience
Intermediate Level (1-2 Years Experience)
Advanced (2+ Years Experience/teacher recommendation)
Beginner Hip Hop- Must be a minimum age of 6 and have taken at least 1 year of dance.  

4:00-4:45 Jr Beg/Int Hip Hop- Ms. Hannah
4:00-4:45- Jr Beg Acrobatics- Ms. Vanessa
4:45-5:30- Jr/Teen Beg/Int Ballet- Ms. Jennifer
4:45-5:30- Jr Beg Hip Hop Ms.Hannah (CLOSED)
5:30-6:15- Jr Beg/Int Ballet- Ms. Jennifer
5:30-6:15- Jr Int Acrobratics- Ms. Vanessa
6:15-7:00- Jr/Teen Beg/Int Tap- Ms. Alison

4:30-5:30- Beg/Int Silks/Lyra- Ms. Leah
5:30-6:30- Int/Adv Silks/Lyra- Ms. Leah

4:00-4:45- Jr/Teen Int/Adv Lyrical- Ms. Lisa
4:00-4:45- Beg/Int Silks/Lyra- Ms.Leah
5:30-6:15- Jr/Teen Beg/Int Lyrical/Jazz- Ms. Lisa
6:30-7:15- Jr Beg Lyrical- Ms. Lisa

5:00-5:45- Jr Beg/Int Ballet/Jazz- Ms. Lisa
5:00-5:45- Musical Theater- Ms. Leah
5:45-6:30- Flex & Core- Ms. Riley
6:30-7:15- Jr Wildcard- Ms. Christine